Our Team

Team Equibore is comprised of dedicated, talented, and productive individuals who have years of experience in the horizontal directional drilling industry.  No job is too challenging for our team.  For 20 years, we’ve been innovating new techniques that get results for our clients.  We hired the best supervisors in the industry, and they know how to motivate our team so every project is completed in a safe and timely manner.


Burke HedgesBurke Hedges: President
Burke founded Equibore in 1994. He’s a graduate of USF and in a licensed Florida Underground Utility and Excavating Contractor.









Greg MolinGreg Molin: Vice President Operations Manager / Chief Estimator
Greg brings 33 years of outstanding leadership in our industry.  His years of hands on experience has earned him the highest respect from industry colleagues. Greg has mastered the skills and techniques of the directional boring process and is eager to impress our customers with the quality that has become synonymous with Equibore.








Dan HartleyDan Hartley: Safety Coordinator/Operations
Dan is DOT hazardous material, Powered Industrial equipment safety, CPR and First aid certified and brings 34 years of experience to the Equibore team in management and safety coordination.









Sam Worthan: Project Supervisor/Foreman
Sam Worthan is respected throughout the industry for what is considered the strongest technical ability in the directional boring business.
For 25 years Sam has bored with virtually every type of equipment, under the most demanding site conditions, throughout the southeast states. His ability to lead by example and provide exceptional results has earned him the respect of colleagues, customers and competitors.



jay SpisakJason Spisak: Project Supervisor/Foreman
Jason brings over 18 years of directional boring experience to the Equibore team, His superior technical skills are widely acknowledged by his peers. Jason’s diversified experience gives Equibore, and its customers, a proven advantage of talent and capability in the field. His attentive and careful approach ensures that customers receive the best possible results.







Duane WallDuane Wall: Project Supervisor/Foreman
Duane has over thirty years of experience in the directional drilling business. He has a precise eye when it comes to the evaluation of project sites. Duane has attended heat fusion/fundamentals of HDPE pipe and fittings courses which makes him a great asset to Equibore. His many year of experience and skill level allow him to train and supervise Equibore employees.







Jerad Sousek: Foreman
Jerad is very experienced in the underground utility business and a proven leader. He brings 11years of knowledge along with that experience to the Equibore team. He works exceptionally well with customers and leads his team with an outstanding work ethics.


Roberto Torres: Foreman
15 years of combined underground utility experience. Highly trained, Roberto has become an example of excellence and reliability. Roberto’s knowledge of the underground boring and his commitment to customer satisfaction makes him an incredibly valuable Equibore employee and foreman.


Roger Bender: Fusing Technician/Drill Operator
With over twenty years of experience in the direction drilling industry Roger brings excellent experience in all aspects of the business. He has attended courses for certification in the fusing of HDPE pipe and fusible PVC. Roger also brings a wealth of knowledge in horizontal drilling fluids through training seminars. His willingness to learn new and viable information makes him an important part of the Equibore team.


Rich Bulmaski: Fusing Technician
Certified in the fusing of HDPE and fusible PVC pipe. Rich is extremely of knowledge of the industry. Rich is a positive worker with a strong work ethic that makes him respected by his colleagues.


Wes Strable: Drill Operator
Wes is a season veteran in the direction drilling industry with 11 years of experience operating drills of all sizes with swift precision. Wes stands out for his day to day productivity while strictly enforcing a safe working environment.



Matt WilesMatt Wiles: Chief Mechanic
Matt is one of the newer members of the Equibore team, he came to us very highly recommended by his prior employer because he is so diversified in his abilities. He is a very multi-talented individual who continues to impress us on a daily basis, we are thankful he has joined Team Equibore.








Equipment Operators/Pipe Layers
Equibore maintains a fully qualified staff of reliable employees.