Equibore is 100% committed to directional drilling safe practices.


Directional Drilling Safe Practices  bigstock-Construction-Helemet--well-u-12000977

We take safety extremely seriously at Equibore and we’re committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees.  We work hard to meet and exceed OHSA guidelines for workplace safety on every job.  As part of our directional drilling safe practices, we identify all safety hazards and require our employees to wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the job.  To keep everyone up to speed, we also hold daily toolbox talk meetings, where we talk about safety issues and current best practices.  Safety is the first thing on our mind when we’re on a job site.

We’ve Never Had a Workers’ Compensation Claim

directional drilling safetydirectional drilling safety

Our Commitment to Safety

We believe that our record stands for itself when it comes to our commitment to workplace safety.  During our 20 years of operation, we’ve never had a workers’ compensation claim.  Part of our commitment to safety involves providing top quality equipment and resources to our employees.  All our equipment is regularly maintained and checked for safety to prevent accidents and injuries.  We also have a strictly enforced alcohol and drug free workplace policy so that everyone can stay safe on the job.